Sunday 8 January 2023

Old wedding telegrams from 1969 - Mr & Mrs Dains Stockport found

 Found some old wedding telegrams sent to Mr & Mrs J Dains in 1969.

Last year I came across three old wedding telegrams at a car boot sale in Chelford, Knutsford. As usual I brought them from the vendor, who looked to be selling house clearance items. They were sent to a Mr and Mrs John Dains to the Belgrave Hotel in Stockport on the occasion of their wedding in 1969. 

Sent the 5th April 1969 to John Dains, at the Belgrave hotel, Dialstone Lane, Hazelgrove, Stockport, Cheshire. "Congratulations and best wishes, Mike and Jacky" who sent it from London.

Also "Congratulations and sincere wishes from Margaret and Johnny at Breage" Who sent this telegram from Breage in Cornwall.

And lastly "Love and best wishes for many joyous years Hubert and May", Sent from St Ives.

What happened to Mr & Mrs Dains?

Looking at the records - Hubert John S Dains past away in 2011. He was born in 1926. Edna Dains (nee Lynch) has also passed away in the more recent 2020's. Edna was born in 1925. Both having lived and died in the Stockport area.  When they married this couple would have been in their 40's - so may have had no children. But there may be other relatives out there who would be interested in the telegrams to add to their family history?

Telegrams are however a thing of the past and should be preserved, especially if they include the works of an artist. The animal picture's were painted by the artist Harry Titcombe. A wildlife artist and illustrator, who specialized in bird pictures. Harry unfortunately passed away in 2016 aged 82, but he left behind some beautiful works of art.   

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