Sunday 8 January 2023

Lawrence Albert McPhun died aged 16 in World War One

 Laurie McPhun (also spelt Lawrie McPhun) was just 16 when he lost his life during World War One. 

This photograph I found on eBay a few years ago now. I have been researching my soon to be son in law's family history and so I looked at this photo - because it was photographed by Mansfield of 245, Anlaby Road, Hull. Also on the back was a small newspaper cut out all about this cute little boy's unfortunate death at such an early age.

The newspaper cutting has the date 1918 written in pencil at the bottom and says; 

Lawrie McPhun of 12 Tynemouth Street aged 16 years and an old Clifton Street scholar has succumbed to injury received through his ship being torpedoed on May 27th. After being rescue, he was conveyed to a cottage hospital but died the following day. The body was conveyed to the railway station with naval and military honours, the hospital staff sending wreaths and the funeral took place at the Hull Western General cemetery last Thursday. The mourner's included the deceased's uncle (Captain Donovan) commander of the torpedoed vessel. Before joining the ship deceased was a junior clerk with Messrs Dumoulin and Gosschalk of Hull. 

Other information following research on Laurie McPhun

On the Commonwealth War Graves website it has the following:
Lawrence Albert McPhun died on the 26th May 1918.
He was a steward's boy on the SS Kyarra (Fremantle WA) 
Being in the Mercantile Marines he is on the Tower Memorial in London.
He was the son of Mrs Louisa McPhun of 12 Tynemouth Street, Hull.

6 people lost their lives on the sinking of SS Kyarra and was at that time a troop transporter.

Laurence Albert McPhun was born in 1902 JQ Sculcoates with his mother's maiden name Donovan.
His death was registered in Wareham 1918 under Laurie McPhun JQ.

I am sure there are ancestors of the family that would like to see this or be returned. Just leave me a message on this blog. I look at all before I publish any information. 

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