Sunday 8 September 2013

Hampton in Arden war memorial, West Midlands

Driving through the small village of Hampton in Arden on the outskirts of Solihull. You can not fail to see the tall Hampton in Arden war memorial at the side of the road. However saying that when we attended the Summer fair in early summer of this year, it was covered up. It has been renovated apparently and the names re-carved. So please stop and take time out just to look.The photographs were taken in early 2007 and are not my best. It was a little difficult in picking out the names, so I apologies before hand.

It is dedicated to both the fallen of World War One and Two.  There are apparently all but one from the 1914 - 1918 war and one name from the 1939 - 1945 war.
The names are as following:

C Bailey
R Baker
R Blamire
H Blizzard
A Borley
S Cockaigne
C Cull
Hubert Draper
G A Dutton.
W Gascoigne
W D Henderson
L Hill

C C Jenkins
J Jones
C V Jones
T P Jones
E King
P Pool
L Radmore
P Shirley
J Savage
W Savage
W Woodward


I will hopefully be able to retake this War Memorial photographs now that it has been restored and show them below. Quite difficult to research these people and after a quick look I am afraid I could find nothing out about these brave men. I do know that some research has been carried out and it is in a book about Hampton in Arden. But the pixies have been in to our house and for the life of me. I can not find the book. Yes we do have lots of local history books on our bookcase and we do tend to add regularly to them.

Although so far the war memorial covered were originally researched and photographed in 2007 with more to come. The gape of a few years was because my legs went AWOl, and I have only just been able to walk unaided without my trusty walking stick. This year my husband and I have covered another dozen or more locally and across the UK. We have also taken time to explore the local churches and cemeteries and photograph the War Memorial gravestones looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Also I have tried to photograph other graves that have men fallen in war conflict. In fact anything of interest to someone undertaking family history or local history research. Our biggest undertaking so far has been Yardley cemetery in Birmingham. It is massive and so far we have covered just 5 sections, but I will blog more about that later.         


  1. You are doing a wonderful job. I am researching Solihull/Knowle Dorridge etc. and parts of Olton that were in solihull in WW1
    Many thanks again

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. So glad it has been of help

    Beast wishes Sue

    1. Hubert Draper was my great grand uncle - His full name was Hubert John Draper born in 1888 in Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire.

      His parents were

      George Draper 1849 – 1936

      Elizabeth Simcox 1856 – 1935

      He was killed in action on the Somme 1 Sep 1918 and is remembered in PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY, Somme, France

      Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 4th London Regiment
      Regimental Number: 15026, GS/84039

      Also he has a Medal card and Pension record which you can view on Ancestry UK

      On the 1911 Census he is listed as live on High Street in Hampton in Arden

      It appear Hubert never got married, hope you find the information useful

  3. Just thought I would help with a few names on the memorial if I can

    Reginald Blamire
    Birth Place: Hampton-in-arden, Warwicks
    Residence: Hampton-in-arden
    Death Date: 9 Nov 1918
    Death Location: France & Flanders
    Enlistment Location: Coventry
    Rank: Private
    Regiment: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Battalion: 1st Battalion
    Number: 42502
    Type of Casualty: Died
    Theatre of War: Western European Theatre

  4. Tricky one to find but found him on the 1901 Census living in Hampton in arden

    Cornelius Cull
    Birth Place: Birmingham
    Death Date: 24 Nov 1918
    Death Location: France & Flanders
    Enlistment Location: Birmingham
    Rank: Private
    Regiment: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Battalion: 2nd Battalion
    Number: 1499
    Type of Casualty: Died
    Theatre of War: Western European Theatre

  5. William Joseph Gascoigne
    Birth Place: Hampton-in-arden, Warwick
    Residence: Canley, Near Coventry
    Death Date: 29 Oct 1914
    Death Location: France & Flanders
    Enlistment Location: Birmingham
    Rank: Private
    Regiment: Coldstream Guards
    Number: 6776
    Type of Casualty: Killed in action
    Theatre of War: Western European Theatre

  6. This guy shows as living in Hampton in arden on the 1911 census must be him

    Percy John Shirley
    Birth Place: Meriden, Warwicks
    Residence: Stonebridge, Warwicks
    Death Date: 20 Sep 1917
    Death Location: France & Flanders
    Enlistment Location: Coventry, Warwicks
    Rank: Corporal
    Regiment: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Battalion: 10th Battalion
    Number: 10481
    Type of Casualty: Killed in action
    Theatre of War: Western European Theatre

  7. Thank you to the above person who has taken time to research some names.


  8. Thank you for posting such valuable information about this War Memorial - my husband and I are researching these and uploading the photos and condition, etc on the War Memorial Trust site. Since you took these, the restoration has been marvellous and names are now legible, There is also a bronze/copper plaque dedicated to these men in the beautiful church nearby - well worth a visit.

    1. Thank you Jo. I have looked at the war memorial website several times. But wanted to show the photographs alongside the names, without someone having to research a single name. So I chose this way to to blog about the war memorials. Also I wanted to add a bit of local history and updates. But its well worth a visit with the valuable information it gives.

      Regards Sue

  9. Cornelius Cull born in 1893. He was my grandfather's brother, Victor Cull. The family lived in Lugtrout Lane, at the Elmdon Heath end. I think he was in the regular army before WWI began.
    Victor was also involved in WWI. He suffered in the trench gas attacks, his lungs were badly damaged. He was discharged with ill health. He died in 1962.


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