Thursday 8 August 2013

Hockley Heath War Memorial, Solihull, West Midlands

Just along the Old Warwick Road in Hockley Heath Solihull is the tall Hockley Heath War Memorial of cream stone. It has both the World War names on from 1914 to 1919 and 1939 to 1945. The brave mens names are listed in alphabetical order. Though its not clear on which are from the First World War and which are from the Second World War, I am assuming that the names on the top part of each column are from the first and those listed below are from the second.

The dedication on the front says:
In honoured memory of the men of this district.
Who gave their lives for their king and country
In the Great War 
1914 - 1919
& in the World War
1939 - 1945

The names listed are as following:

F Aldington
A Birkett Barker
H Birkett Barker
F Baulcombe
G Bellamy
T Bellamy
C Bishop
H Buckley
A Callaghan
S Capewell
G H Catler
C H Cranmer
O Cranmer
S Dawes
F J Doughty
T C Cranmer

J T Bennett
A E Bristow
J G Dodd
L N Eden
R G Featherstone

 The next panel has these names on:

C H Dwyer
A Edgar
O Foreshaw
T Freeman
E C frost
R Gilman
G A Griffin
W C E Hadland
L T Hammond
J B Harris
H Harrison
G Hawkins
F G Herbert
T Hicken
F Hollis

E G England
C H Hodges
C E Jones
J T Jones

On the next panel are the names of these soldiers:

V G Houghton
C Hutchings
J James
C Jones
H J Keel
F Kirby
A Knibb
J Lloyd
J O Muntz
A Paget
F J Palmer
F Pardington
T Parkes
W R Parry
T Perkins

D H C Lambart
M S Morris
J Walton
F Wells

 The last panel has the following soldiers names:

W Perkins
F V Perks
A S Pope
W J Reynolds
A Smith
H Smith
H Taylor
G Terheege
J Tonks
A Wale
E A Walker
W Webb
A White
R Woods
G Bullivant

A White
F J Williams
A D Wimbush
Grace Zender

Once again this war memorial contains a women's name from the Second World War. Grace Zender (Edith Grace Zender) She was only 18 when she died at Hockerill Training College, Bishops Storford on the 11th October 1940. Hockerill Training College was a teacher training college for women who were lay Christian preachers as well. On the fatal night of the 10th October 1940, a German Luftwaffe discharged its three bombs that were thought to have been targeted for more likely a major British city. However the Germans discharged their deadly cargo on the next likely target on their way home after meeting resistance from the ground air defences. The college was not probably the target but the local railway lines. Three bombs exploded over Bishops Storford, with one being a direct hit on Menet House. This was the accommodation of the teachers and students. Unfortunately it killed three students straight away and buried seven other students and a lecturer, who were eventually rescued. Grace Zender was the daughter of Alfred and Edith Zender of Flower Knott, Hockley Heath.

George William Terheege was killed during the First World War on the 7th November 1918. He is burried in Umberslade Baptist Burial Ground. At 34 he was a private in the Devonshire Regiment and Labour Corps. His parents lived in Meriden and his wife Emily Terheege lived on the Stratford Rd, Hockley and he died at home. George was married to Emily in 1907 in Solihull, and she was then Emily Ann Dutton.


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  2. Jewels, many thanks for posting this. My Great-Great Grandfather is one of the names: S CAPEWELL. He was killed in action 15 July 1917. We are planning a visit to his graveside to mark the centenary, with all the branches of our Family represented. WG


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