Tuesday 17 December 2013

Names on the Berkswell War memorial for those researching

I know its been a long time between our war memorial posts but this time of the year is so busy for us on our website. However, here is the names on the Berkswell war memorial for researching your family history or other research or interest. This brick built war memorial stands in the grounds of St John the Baptist Church. The village of Berkswell has a long history and once was under the ownership of the Earl of Warwick.

It is one of the most loveliest villages we have visited. Above is a photograph of the church and details below.

 The war memorial is an arched brick structure containing the names of the men who died in the First World War and also a few from the Second World War. The church yard also has a couple of graves dedicated to the fallen.

The names are as following:


Pte T Smith.
Pte A Kirby
Gnr H Smith.
2nd Lt H J Goodwin
Spr E Bailey
Cpl A J Collins
2nd Lt R T Boddington
Pte F G Skidmore
Gnr A Whinfrey
Cpl H Proctor
Pte C Chamberlain
Pte J Shirley


Pte S Worrod


L Cpl H Moseley
Lt F H Hoyle
Pte H Bauchan
Sgt E H Long DCM MM
Pte J Franklin
Cpl F Owen
Spr H Beacham
Pte J Freeman
L. Cpl J Simpson
Tp R H Barfoot
Pte P Blamire
Pte F Selfe


Lcpl C H Woodfield


Sgt H Barker
Sgt G Barker
Pte H Simmons
Pte J C Smith


Pte J Court
Pte E Franklin

1939 - 1945

Gden A J Bull
Po W D Cooper
Lt A C H Davies
Sgt C H Gold
Gnr J Hawker
Plb G F Osborne
Cpl W T Richards
Sgt W T Sibley
Lce J H Simmons
2nd Off P L Whitaker - sorry if any of the details are wrong. Our photographs were very difficult to read.


Pte W Tarvey
Pte J Timms
Lt T Weiss
Pte C Basey
QM Sct D Nicholl
Stkr C Simmons RN

In the middle of the war memorial is a shelf for the poppy wreaths and engravings of a cross and saints.

There are two graves in the churchyard for men who fell and who remembered.

A family grave for Thomas Garner Dalton, Jane Dalton and their grandson Liet Victor George Goodchild RAF. who died in France on the 31st October 1918 aged 22 years. He is not commemorated on the Berkswell War Memorial.

 A war grave dedicated to Pilot Officer W D Cooper, navigator of the Royal Air Force who died 10th October 1943 aged 24 years. He is on the Berkswell War Memorial also.