Friday 28 June 2013

St Margarets Church Olton, Solihull, war memorial plaque and names

A church that holds a splendid Christmas Fayre is the St Margaret's Church in Olton, Solihull. There are also two First World War memorial plaques within the church, dedicated to the men who did not return home after the war. Beautifully crafted in marble and decorated above the list of names.

This is the front of the church photographed a few weeks ago.

The side of the church which is adjacent to the Warwick road and Kineton Green road. This church does not have a grave yard. It was finished being built in about 1896. Each war memorial plaque is placed on either side on the main door. The names on the two plaques have their regiment listed beside them.

Names on plaque one:

Horace L Hill RE
Josiah Hill DCLI
Herbert J Hockley R Nfld R
Herbert Horton Middx R
Arthur P Huggins R War R
Horace B Jones N Staff R
Thomas H Lloyd Worc R
Betram Matthews R War R
William F Mundy RFA
Herbert D Phillips S Staff R
Alfred Rabone KOYLI
Edward Richards R Berks R
Walter S Rotherham RFA
Garnet Smith R War R
Elliot Spencer R War R
William Tarver R War R
George Townsend K L'Pool R
William J Townsend K L'Pool R
Donald G H Truman R War R
John H Vernon DCLI
Stanley A Vint R War R
Herbert S Wakelin R War R
Lawrence Waters Oxe & Bucks LI
Leslie Waters R War R
Albert Weale R War R
Leslie R Reeve MGC

Names on plaque two are as following:

Thomas H E Allman HCLI
Charles Wassinder R War R
Leonard Ball R W Kent R
Gilbert Bick Wilt R
John E Biddle R War R
Archibald H Buchanan Gun Hurs
Edward G Cakebread Devon R
Fred Checkley RGA
Richard W Choate C Gds
Douglas W Clarke Hamps R
Arthur L Copper RAMC
Harry Corbett Worc R
Percy W Corser Aus Imp F
William Dobson R War R
Maurice Edwards Aus Imp F
Frances G England R W Kent R
Albert Essex R W Fuss
John Franklin R War R
Ernest V Freeman RAMC
Gilbert Halstead RN
Thomas R Hanson R Wor R
Joseph F Harding Glouc R
Frank N Harston E Lan R
Horace A Hawkes Worc R
John Hawkes Can R Highrs
Eric Belfield Midd'x R

 There are about 52 names on these plaques, a lot of men to loose in such a small village. Especially as there is another plaque with more names in a church just down the road. That will be shown shortly, as well as the many other churches and memorials that I have photographed. Next week I also have a 1940s photograph album from another church service that is local to this one to show. It is a bit of a mystery!

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