Saturday 15 June 2013

Birmingham Cannon Hill Park War Memorial Parker to Yates

This is the last part of the War Memorial in Cannon Hill park for the South African Boer war in the late Victorian era. This covers the names from Parker to Yates of the men of Birmingham who were killed during this time in South Africa. For other names see the two previous parts. This is one of the largest War Memorials that I have photographed and there are more to come from Solihull, Birmingham and the surrounding area including ones found inside churches.

An old postcard of the memorial titled - the soldiers memorial Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham. Not sure of the date of this one but would say around Edwardian times.

Panel four names included the following:

Pte W Parker
Pte C Parkes
Cpl W Parkinson
Gunr P Parry
Pte P Partridge
Pte H Partridge
Pte W H Payne
Pte C Pearce
Pte J Pearce
Pte L Pearce
Gunr A Pearson
Pte J Perkins
Pte H Perry
Pte A Phillips
Pte E Pike
Pte A Pinder
Pte H Plant
Cpl J H Pocock
Pte A Poole
Pte W Poole
Pte E Poolton
Arml Sgt J Porter
Pte W Postins
Sapr A Potter
Bglr C Powell
Pte J Pratt
Pte A H Price
Dvr L Price
Pte J E Pritchett
Lnce Cpl T R Pursall
Pte C Rabone
Gunr C Read
Pte H Reed
Pte A F Rennie
Pte A Rew
Stf Qms W F Richards
Pte C H Richardson
Lnce Cpl E Rigby
Pte W J Roadknight
Cpl A Roberts
Pte J W Roberts
Pte S Roberts
Pte R Rowe

Pte S Rogers
Pte T Rogers
Pte J H Roome
Pte H Rowberry
Lce Cpl A Rowbottom
Pte A Rowley
Pte P Rudge
Pte W Rudge
Pte A Rutter
Pte W Rutter
Pte E E Sage
Drv W F Salmon
Tpr A W Sanders
Pte E J Sanders
Lce Cpl A S Saucer
Pte J Scott
Pte C W Seaton
Pte A Steward
Tpr J Sedgebeer
Pte A Selman
Pte J Sharp
Pte T S Shaw
Pte H Sheaf
Pte A Shears
Pte W Shears
Pte W J Shepherd
Pte M Shellis
Lce Sgt C Shipton
Cln Sgt A Shoebotham
Tpr F J Silvester
Pte T Simmonds
Pte J Simmons
Pte J F Singleton
Lce Cpl J Skinner
Tpr A J Slade
Cpl J F Smallwood
Pte S Smith
Cpl T G Smith
Pte A Smith
Pte G H Smith
Pte J Smith
Pte J E Smith
Pte W C Smith

Lce Cpl H C Smith
Drmr A Snead
Pte W Spencer
Pte H J Spires
Pte J Stanley
Pte W R Stanton
Pte A Starkey
Lce Cpl W G Steed
Pte B Steward
Pte A Stockton
Pte C Styles
Pte T Summerfield
Pte C Summers
Lce Cpl L Sugden
Pte J Sutton
Pte R Swindle
Pte W R S Tallis
Pte W Taplin
Pte E Taroni
Armr Sgt C Tasker
Cpl S F Taylor
Pte W J Taylor
Tpr E R Tharme
Pte F Thomas
Drv J Thomas
Pte J Thomas
Cpl S Thomas
Pte T Thomas
Pte W Thomas
Pte F Thompson
Sgt J A Thompson
Pte J J Thompson
Gunr C H Till
Pte C Timmins
Pte W Tombs
Sgt J T Tranter
Pte I D Trinder
Pte E Turner
Cpl Sgt S Turner
Pte C H Upton
Pte W A Vale
Pte H Vincent
Pte J De Voisey

Tpr J Walford
Sgt H Walker
Pte J E Walker
Pte R Walter
Pte W Warkling
Cpl E W Ward
Pte B W Warden
Pte W Washbrook
Pte A Watson
Cpl F Weaver
Pte C Weaver
Pte C Webb
Tpr J Webb
Pte W E Webster
Pte B Wells
Lce Cpl J A Wells
Sgt G Weston
Pte J W Westwood
Pte T Wharton
Qr Mr Sgt W C Whatley
Gunr F Whelan
Pte W H Wittincham
Pte W Wigley
Stf Sgt H W Wilkes
Pte E Wilks
Gunr H Wilks
Pte A Williams (R Warw R)
Pte A Williams (KRR)
Cpl C J Williams
Pte J Wilson
Pte C Wood
Pte H Wood
Pte H D Wood
Pte J Wood
Pte S Woodward
Pte W Woodward
Cpl A Woolcott
Sgt G Worrod
Pte W Wright
Pte S Wyers
Gunr A Wykes
Pte J Wynn
Pte E S Yates
Drv W P Yates

That completes the Cannon Hill War Memorial. there is another war memorial by the park which has no names but I will show in another blog along with the others that I have now photographed and recorded.

There are so many postcards of this war memorial and it was a favourite during the first part of the twentieth century to visit for a holiday.

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