Tuesday 11 June 2013

Boer War Memorial, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham Gardner to Parker

As the Boer War Memorial in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham has such a long list of names. Here is the second part covering the third panel from Gardner to Parker. The South African War soldiers who died from 1899 to 1902 from Birmingham are commemorated on this large memorial in the park.

This is the side view of the memorial taken in about 2007. Our dog Ufton was very interested also!

This postcard of Cannon Hill park was sent in 1944 by someone on holiday in the area. Apart from general aging of the stone and the park has less floral beds and topiary, little had changed.

Panel three has the following soldier's names:

Pte F Gardner
Pte R Gardner
Pte J Garner
Lte Cpl H R Garrety
Pte W George
Pte A Giles
Pte A G Gill
Pte E J Glover
Cpl W Gold
Pte E Goodchild
Pte T W Gooding
Pte W Goodman
Pte T C Gopsill
Pte W Greaves
Pte C Green
Sgt H Green
Pte H Grice
Pte H D Griffiths
Pte T H Griffiths
Pte O Grigg
Lte Cpl A G Grindley
Pte C L Grinsell
Pte E Grogan
Cpl C F Grove
Lce Cpl F Groves 
Lte Cpl A E Grupie
Cpl E J Hales
Pte S Hannan
Pte W Hancox
Pte D Harbone
Pte T Harding
Act Sgt C H Harris
Pte G A Harris
Pte J Harrison (RAMC)
Pte J Harrison (R War R)
Pte H J Harris-Cooper
Gunr J W Hawkins
Pte R Haydon
Sgt J C Hayes
Pte A Haynes
Gunr E Haynes
Pte T Heath
Pte S E Hedges
Pte C A Hemming

Pte R C Hemming
Pte E Hews
Pte T C Heslop
Pte E J Hildick
Pte W Hill
Pte F Hill
Pte J Hinks
Pte A Hinsley
Pte C Hobday
Cpl W J Hobson
Cpl T A Hodson
Pte W Hodson
Pte S Hogan
Pte R Holder
Pte T Holder
Sgt Maj E J Holliday
Pte H A Hollis
Pte F L Holloway
Pte W Holmes
Pte W Holtham
Pte W Hooper
Pte A Hopkins
Pte W Hopley
Pte A Hornsby
Dwr F Horton
Pte W Howard
Cpl F H Hughes
Pte G Hughes
Pte T Hughes
Gunr G Husband
Pte J Hussey
Pte H Hutchinson
Pte W Hynett
Pte W Ingram
Pte B Jeff
Pte E A Jeffs
Pte W Jobson
Pte A E Jones
Pte G H Jones
Pte J H Jones
Pte T H Jones
Pte W Jones (RWF)
Pte W Jones (R War R)

Pte C Johnson
Pte J T Johnson
Pte W Johnson
Pte G Johnstone
Pte H Jordan
Lce Cpl T Jordan
Tpr T E Jordison
Pte A Kelly
Pte C Kimber
Lce Cpl F Ladkin
Pte R Langford
Pte O Lanham
Pte W R Large
Pte G Lawley
Act Sgt A Lawton
Lanc Cpl H Lay
Pte S Leadbetter
Pte F Ledbrook
Pte H O Leatherbarrow
Pte C Lewis
Gunr E Lilley
Tpr J C Lilley
Pte J Ling
Pte W Llewellyn
Pte C Lloyd
Pte J J Lloyd
Pte M E Lloyd
Pte T Lloyd
Pte W F C Long
Pte V P Love
Pte R Lowe
Tpr C A Lucas
Pte W A Luke
Pte P S Macefield
Pte C H Maddox
Sapr F Maidment
Lce Cpl J Malpass
Pte S Malpass
Pte W H Manning
Act Sgt J H S Manuel
Pte H T March
Tpr W Marston
Lce Cpl A Martin
Pte E Martin

Pte F Mason
Pte M Mason
Tpr R S Mason
Pte W F Mason
Sgt H D Massey
Pte A S Matthews
Pte J Matthews
Pte A Matthewson

Gunr F Maling
Pte J McHale
Pte J McHugh
Pte A J McClean
Pte J McNamara
Pte J Metcalf
Sgt A Miller
Pte S T Mills
Pte W Minshull
Pte J Mobley
Pte F Mole
Pte P J Moran
Pte W T Morgan
Pte J Morley
Pte E C Morrall
Lce Cpl A J Morris
Pte C W Morris
Pte W Morris
Pte J Mosedale
Pte A Moulton
Tpr F P Mundy
Pte B Murray
Pte A J Munn
Lce Cpl D E Neale
Pte C J Neale
Pte C W Newton
Pte W H Nicholls
Pte C A Nicholson
Pte J Noakes
Pte R Noland
Cpl B Norris
Adml A C Nowland
Pte A Osborne
Pte H Pace
Pte C Palmer
Stf Sgt Fldl T Parker

Still one more panel to go and that I will cover in the next blog. Such a long list of names that is on this memorial of the Birmingham men that died during this Victorian war. Will we never learn!

Spring with one of the Tulip Festivals taken place in Cannon Hill Park. Such a riot of colour with the South African War Memorial standing in the middle.

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