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Cannon Hill Park War Memorial, Birmingham for the South Africa War 1899 - 1902 (A - GA)

One of the longest list of names on a war memorial is in Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham. This memorial is to remember the fallen men from the South African War of 1899 to 1902. General Sir Ian Hamilton unveiled this large memorial for the Birmingham men who died in this conflict on the 23rd June 1906. Because each panel has such a long list of names, I will cover this over three blog posts for ease.

The sculpture was made by Albert Toft. I will apologies for this first very long blog post but the list of names run into hundred and then I have plenty of pictures with post cards to show. This blog will cover the names from the beginning of A to Gales.

This was the War Memorial situated in the park taken in January 2007.  It has essentially 4 sides to it with a dedication and then panels of names listed. Some have the regiment served and all have their rank. The panels were very difficult to read and I had to make a list after taking the photographs on this cold January day. Our dog was very patient and stood by my side looking up to see what I was doing!

Side 1 at the front had the dedication and it read as such:

To the glorious memory of the sons of Birmingham who fell in South Africa 1899 - 1902 and to perpetuate the example of all who served in the war. This memorial is erected by their fellow citizens.

There are some scattered memorials for this South African War also known as the Boer War around. Not as many as found for the First World War but they are very valuable to local historians and to those tracing their family history.

The above post card was sent in 1907 from Birmingham to Water Orton in Birmingham. It meant a lot to the sender who was a grandmother and I suspect a mother of one of the men listed.

The second side had the following names on listed in alphabetical order:

Lt C.A.L. Adams-Wylie
Pte P J Abnot
Act Bodr C Ablett
Cpt J Adams
Pt W Aldington
Pte E Allen
Pte J Allen
Pte A W Allett
Pte A Andrews
Pte H Andrews
Pte C Armstrong
Pte J Arnold
Tpr H A Asbury
Pte C Ashenford
Lte Cpl A Ashford
Pte S W Asyon
Lce Cpl W Atkins
Pte L H Austin
Pte G S Austin
Tpr W J Austin
Pte C L Averell
Pte W A Ayres
Pte R Bailey
Tpr A Baker
Pte A H Baker
Pte W T Ballard
Pte W Barber
Pte S Barnes
Pte B Barnes
Pte W Barnes (R War R)
Pte W Barnes (S W Bdrs)
Pte F T Barton
Pte W Barton
Pte W H Barton
Pte F Bates
Sgt C Baycliffe
Sgt A Bednall
Pte J Beeman
Tpr J Beetlestone
Pte C Benham
Lte Cpl A Bennett
Pte AA Benton
Pte L Benton
Pte W C Berry
Lce Cpl A E Betts
Dvr C Bithells
Pte F J Blakeman
Pte G Bliss
Armr Sgt F E Bloore
Gunr T Bloxham
Gunr R Blythe
Pte W H Bonner
Pte C Boucher
Pte H J Boucher
Pte F Bourne
Cpl R Bousfield
Pte J Bowen
Pte E J Bowers
Pte C H Bradshaw
Pte A N Bragg
Pte G M Braid
Pte F Brandon
Lte Cpl J Brennan
Cpl L Brindley
Pte F Brittain
Lte Cpl R Brookes
Pte C O Brown
Pte C Brown
Pte S Brown
Tpr T R Brown
Pte C H Bruford
Pte N Bryan
Gunr A Bryant
Pte C Buckley
Tpr C Y Burne
Pte A Burns
Pte E Burr
Pte H Butler

Pte A Butlin
Pte W R Butwin
Pte J T Cain
Pte W Cammeran (?)
Tpr W L Capewell
Drw W W Carr
Pte J Carrington
Pte C E Cattell
Pte E Chance
Sgt J J Chatwin
Sapr E W Cheadle
Pte C Cheshire
Act Brig W Clark
Pte W Clarke
Drv A E Clarke
Sgt A Clarke
Pte F C Clarke
Pte B C Clarke
Far Cpl B Clarke
Pte F Clarke
Pte W Clancey
Pte O Clearey
Tpe E Coates
Pte W Cole
Pte J Collins
Pte W H Collumbell (?)
Cpl A Comley
Pte W Cook
Pte J F Cooke
Pte M Cooper
Tpe E A Copeland
Pte E Cordy
PteW Costello
Pte A Cox
Pte O Cox
Pte R W Cox
Pte W Cox

Pte W Crompton
Drv A Cull
Pte W Cullis
Pte T Cureton
Lce Sgt R Daniels
Pte T Daniels
Pte E T Danks
Pte R J Darby
Drv F J Davis
Pte C davis
Cpl H Davis
Pte W Davis
Pte W J Davis
Pte C A Davies
Pte J J Davies
Pte A Dawes
Pte Pte G J Debrey
Comr W Deeley
Tpr R J Dent
Pte C Dickenson
Tpr A B Dixon
Pte G W Dixon
Tpr J Dixon
Pte A E Dobbins
Pte C Dowler
Tpr J E Downing
Pte T W Downing
Sgt W E Dudley
Pte J Dunsbee
Lce Cpl J Dorkin
Pte T Earp
Pte A E East
Sgt E W Edgington
Pte W Edmonds
Sgt A Edwards
Cr Sgt H C Edwards
Pte J Elton
Gunr F E Evans
Pte J Evans
Pte R Evans
Pte J Farrell
Pte W Fearney
Pte H Fellowes
Pte T R Finemore
Pte A Fisher (R War R)
Pte A Fisher (Ches R?)
Armr Sgt Maj W Fisher
Pte J Flavell
Pte J Fogg
Sgt T Foley
Pte I Foster
Pte J Foster
Pte W A Fothergill
Pte W Fowkes
Pte W Foxall
Pte D R Fry
Pte F Gales
Crpr F Gales

This ends the long list of names on the second panel from A to Gales. There are two other blogs dedicated to this memorial and each covers the other two panels.

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