Monday 28 February 2022

Kenilworth Castle and ancient Graffiti

Kenilworth Castle and ancient graffiti.

A few years ago now, I visited Kenilworth Castle. It is close to where I live but had never visited. The castle is in ruins, but is fabulous to walk around and climb the scaffolding steps to the upper floors.

Kenilworth castle gardens
The reason, we visited was to see and walk where my ancestors had. I had discovered that my Scottish great-great grandmother had only been born in Edinburgh. In fact her family had travelled from Kenilworth, where they had originated from. No mean feat for the early 1800s. The above photograph was taken in the lovely Elizabethan garden showing some of the ruins.

Kenilworth castle
Kenilworth Castle
The castle had apparently lay in ruins from around the 1600's, when it became known as Castle Farm. This gave rise to easy access for many to the ruins themselves. It was a tourist attraction from very early on. With many visitors taking to carving their names in the remaining stone. Some of the names were dated - so here are a few pictures 
Kenilworth Castle gardens 
1872 Milly signature at Kenilworth castle graffiti
Just readable on the graffiti - 1872 Milly
Another view of the gardens at Kenilworth Castle
Some of the stonework remining of the castle
View over the gardens
More open brickwork of the castle
Think this is A Rainsforth 1887.
Views of the terrace from the garden
More of the remaining brickwork
Views of the garden from inside the castle remains
R F and P F 1944 I think.
Ian and Ruby 2015, WBD 1806
D Beal 1808 I think. Many other graffiti above. 
BFCK 1877
MH 1868, JH, J M Hayward, CEO, S, 1935.
LMP 19/69, AO JE, HC 80, RF,
Lots of jumbled letters here. Some look like Roman numerals
A clearer picture from earlier RF PF 1944. I wonder if they and their love survived the war.
FCB JH  16/8/44 another end of war love affair. Where are they now? 
WFS 1817
Can't work a lot of this out other than maybe 1945
Cindy and Guy 1983, 
HVV 1871, Lee N P???, HT, LHHP
JD DOR, HF, Silas Alamicitram ordery HR Feoit.

WA New York 1871
WE 1908

AB 1894
AR 1859
Bob Grindle 1850
IS LH 1870

D Smith C Kennelly
TH 1940
W Stuart 1850
MJT 1944
WB Dent

Tony 2005
J Booth

Most of the letters are worn. But this is just a small sample of the graffiti that covers the brick work around the ruins of the castle. Some dates are very old. Others just a few years ago. And no I haven't seen any with Leeson on dating from the late 1700s to early 1800s.