Tuesday 4 January 2022

Welcome 2022. Hope this year is a lot better than the last few!!

 Welcome 2022.

I can not believe the year has flown so quick. Last time I posted on here was in April last year. Been a bit busy since then. Welcomed a new grandchild to add to the other 2 brilliant grandsons. He is lovely but unfortunately became ill with RSV a few months old. After a week in hospital he is now fine and bouncing back. By the end of this month, we think he will be crawling and soon after walking.  

At the end of December, my youngest child got engaged. So now both my children intend to get married at some point. Looking foreword to this. Haven't been to a wedding in ages. 

Researching my family history.  

I never realised on how much information was around for my family and ancestors. Researching my family history is an ongoing journey. It is never finished as another source of information opens up. Later this month the 1921 census will be available. Haven't quite got my head around who I want to look up first. It is pay per view, so will have to be selective until it is available free on the normal Find My Past subscription. 

My German Ancestors?

A photograph was shared to me recently that I did not know existed. My cousin and I think it is of our German great grandmother and her family.

This is Margarette Piske who went under the name Margarette Feege. She was born in Germany and emigrated first to England and later to Canada.

 From the above photo, we think the young girl is Margarette Piske with her parents and brothers. There is a string family resemblance with the older brother. But who are they and what is the significance of the Lily of the Valley flower sprig that several of them are holding/wearing?