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Elizabeth Sarah Curtis and the Hart family of Rugby continued

 Elizabeth Sarah Curtis and the Hart family of Rugby continued.

In my last blog post I started to show the huge number of photographs and ephemera related to the families. Found in a car boot a couple of years ago now. The name Hart was on one of the pictures and having Hart in my family. I collected all that I could find related. I can only think that these were part of the collection of Florence Rosemary Hart nee Smith's home (1898 - 1972) They ended up in a car boot on a dealer's stall. It took several Sunday mornings looking as he would not sell me the whole box.

Iris Rose Hart (1923 - 1981) married James Edward Curtis (1925 - 1995) in 1960. His sister was Elizabeth Sarah Curtis born 1928 in Rugby Warwickshire. She married Lesley Townsend in 1949. Above are the wedding photograph cutting the cake.  
Elizabeth Sarah Curtis 
A younger Elizabeth Sarah Curtis.

More wedding photographs of the couple with their bridesmaids and alone.

They had one son Mark wearing the school uniform of St Oswald's. 
Another wedding photograph. of the couple with their bridesmaids and best man. Also maybe her mother Kathleen Mildred Labraham (1896 - 1978) Not sure why this one photograph has reversed from the original. Must have pressed something in the photoshop process!!

Kathleen Mildred Labraham's National Identity Card was also in the ephemera pile. Issued in 1915 during WW1. 
There is also a postcard photograph of Job and Lily Hart at their wedding. Job was Iris Rosemary Hart's uncle. 

Job Hart (1898 - 1968) married Lilian Willetts (1899 - 1985) in 1920. So this is a lovely photograph for the Hart family to see. Not many wedding photographs were taken or kept. usually one or two for the happy couple and an occasional one to family. No wedding albums for working class people usually. The couple had at least 4 children.

Now to the Smith side of the family. Iris Rosemary Hart's parents were Albert and Florence Rose Smith. Florence's sister married Samuel John Lucas. This is the memorial card of when he passed away in 1968 and subsequent burial. For someone tracking their family tree, these cards often tell a lot of information that can not be seen usually. 
Another sister of Iris Hart married George Hale (1920 - 1985) Hilda Hart was born in 1921 in Rugby also. She married George Hale in 1941. He served in the war and there are several photographs of him. 
Left back = Albert Hart R? Front George Hale. 
George Hale - looks to be in the RAF.
Taken 27/7/1947. The man at the front looks to be George Hale.No names on the back.
George Hale
Has Hilda hart and ?Colin on the back
Colin and Pat Hale. Children of George and Hilda.

Two pictures of Pat hale or Patricia Hale and below she is marrying John Hodges in 1969. A wedding invite is in the ephemera rescued pile.

A happy Colin Hale. 

Think this is of Hilda Hale nee Hart at the beach, but it is quite creased. 
There are also a few photographs belonging to the extended family of the Harts, Hales and Curtis's. Here are the ones named 
Carol Stemple in her costume. Maybe crowned as the May Queen? Hilda hart also married a Gunter Stemple. This may be her daughter
Has George and Doris Hart born 1927 (another sister of Iris) and Dick on the back. The man doesn't look very well?
An older photograph. Has Albert Curtis and wife written on the reverse - but there is a question mark. Not found an Albert Curtis as yet.
Hilda Burdett 1936 to 2003. She was the daughter of Francis Burdett and Elizabeth Ann Smith. Florence Rosemary Hart's sister. 
Louise Hart married Edward Manger in 1896. Louise born in 1856 and died in 1936. Sent to Albert and Rose Hart. Louise was his aunt.
Sent to Aunt Rose with Ian, Linda, Michael, Stephen Edwards on the back. Missing one child that look like twins. Taken around the 1960s by the looks of it.
Has "From baby to granny with fondest love Rene" on the back then Irene pencilled in. Probably Irene Hart b 1910. Now onto the unknown and not sure if in this family. But I am including them as well
A nice happy wedding scene. Cutting the cake. Probably 1950s of age. Unsigned but has a Rugby photograph stamp.
Now all the photographs below were in the ephemera box at the car boot. I think they may be related to the family above or have a Rugby connection. Above is the mess full of soldiers that look very young. It is on an old card stock - so may be during the WW2 or National service just after. 
A young sailor unnamed with a look of the Curtis's about him?

This has Mr and Mrs Kingdom on in pencil. Obviously someone the Harts knew. It is a postcard photograph. I will say she looks as though she has a slight bump in front!
This three sailor photograph is quite sad. Again in pencil that has faded on the back. Has Danny, ??Dick/Jim/Bert (very difficult to read) and then Johnny killed by Japs.
Small photograph like many of the others in the Hart collection - unnamed. A soldier on a motorbike 
Another small photograph of a group of soldiers.
This one has a Redding Rugby stamp on the paper insert.
A happy couple together. But no identification given.
A wedding in the 1920s. Maybe related to the Hart/Hale or Curtis/Smith family. 
Last but not least a wedding part photograph. Maybe related to the Harts. 
This is the second blog as I couldn't get all the pictures in one blog. Hope someone finds this helpful and if you are family please contact me via this page. I have already returned one lost album. Maybe these will find family?

October 2023 UPDATE
The Hart & Curtis family photographs and ephemera have been returned to family. I am so pleased they have been returned and not lost forever. 

Iris Violet Hart's life in a car boot

 Iris Violet's Hart's life in a car boot - Rugby resident of old..

Rummaging through boxes of ephemera at the local car boot is a must. So when I found a bunch of photographs with the name "Hart" on I was in my element. Hart is a family name - because I didn't know if they were family. I went through the large box and pulled out all the named photographs and associated papers. The elderly gentleman who ran the store wouldn't let me buy the whole box though. He was a dealer of some kind. Who had lots of antique and other relicts. Back at home - I looked on the website and pieced together her past. She did not appear to be a relation of my grandfather, he had several brothers that I have never known, but may be this branch is very distantly related!!

The following week and a few weeks after. I went looking again and found a few more pictures and related ephemera. In all I probably spent about £20.

Yesterday I got round to making a family tree on Ancestry and adding just some of the photographs. The rest I will have on here. As usual - if you have any information. Please contact me by this blog or on Ancestry. 

   Above is Iris Violet Hart - it says so on the back in pencil. Small writing that is difficult to read.

She is wearing the same coat on other photographs. 

 This photograph has Iris Violet Hart in the centre with the other two people blank. I would hazard a guess at the man being James Edward Curtis (her husband) and the young child Camelita? (this guess is written on the back of a smaller photograph copy). It looks to have been taken in the 1950s or early 60s. 

Nice group of women and one man - taken in the street in front of a pub I think. Pub or works outing? Iris V Hart is sat in front wearing the same coat. The photograph is in a paper frame with "F C Clarke, Photographer, The Studio, Windsor Court, High Street, Rugby" stamped on it. I think the person writing the names on the back was doing so before 1960s. As that is when Iris Hart got married.

 Iris Violet Hart again at the English seaside. You can tell it is England - as have to wear a rain mackintosh. 

More seaside outings in the above two pictures. This one looks to be from the 1950s. On the reverse it has Iris Violet Hart with Margaret Gramell/Garrett? written on the reverse. Probably a friend who was also on the day trip. Iris appears to have had one son, Mark Curtis. But although he has started a family tree on Ancestry. He hasn't been on Ancestry for a long time 3 to 12 months according to his page. 
This photograph has Iris Hart and Jackie Saul? on the reverse.
Iris Hart and Bob Saul - probably on another day trip or coming out of the cinema in the 50s.
No names on this little photograph
 Or this unidentified one.
Haven't been able to work out who Bob Saul was. But here below is him in another photograph. Taken I think outside the house Iris lived in. 

Here is Bob Saul in his military uniform. Taken on the 8 Nov 1944. 
Same house with two young children and a dog. Not named on the back.
There are several photographs taken from this house with Iris Violet Hart and Albert Hart.

The top photograph has Joby Hart and Edith Squibb on the back. It also has Albert Hart and Edith Squibb on another smaller same copy? The lower door one with dog has nothing written on the back.
Albert I think was called Joby. He was born in 1930 in Daventry, married Edith Grace Vincent Squibb in 1954 and had one son Jeremy. He served during WW2 as there was a letter with a Christmas card addressed to him in the ephemera lot. He was TPR A Hart AAT Troup number 2231103.

This holiday photograph taken in Skegness! Has lots of question marks and Albert Hart (3rd left with bag), Camelita Banna Vesti (young woman in checked skirt), Enid Hart (with pearl necklace), Jeremy Hart (baby at front) on.

 This picture says Jeremy Hart on the back.
Going back a generation. There are some photographs of Albert Hart (1900 - 1974) and his wife Florence Rose Smith (1898 - 1976) I think that it was probably Florence's home that these pictures came from originally, although I think she was known as Rose Hart.
Florence Rose Hart
Albert and Florence Hart at Stratford - On -Avon Golden Wedding.
Florence Rosemary Hart nee Smith.
Albert belonged to the Order of Buffaloes 1932.
Albert and Florence Hart with George Hale at Wells near the sea Norfolk.
Not named but looks to be Florence Hart and a girl in a bridesmaid dress outside a house.

 Think this is Florence hart with Camilita?
There are a couple of letters and a book about the Order of Buffaloes as well. Florence or Rose Hart lived at Elizabeth Road, West Haddon near Rugby Warwickshire. 

 This maybe a Buffalo event or completely unrelated. It was in the same box of ephemera. It is a large postcard format. No other information on it.
There are quite a few photographs of Albert and Florence's son George William Hart known as Dick (1920 - 1983) and Barbara Elizabeth Young (1928 - 1989) with Derek Hart their son.
Barbara Hart (Barb) nee Young.
Derek Hart as a young baby above.
Sorry Derek couldn't resist the one below. Baby birth notification was sent to Mr and Mrs A Hart and it was in the ephemera pile. Now in my possession.  

This has just Mabel, Albert, Louise and Dick Hart on the one side of the sleeve. George William hart was known as Dick.

This photograph above was taken at the same wedding and has Iris and Doris Hart on the back. Doris was another sister.
George William and Barbara Hart with a baby Derek.
George William (Dick) and Barbara with Derek Hart a little older.

 On the reverse of this it says - George William Hart and Barbara Elizabeth Young 12/7/1947. Taken on their wedding day.
There are so many more photographs of this family or not to add. So I will start another blog post. Please contact me on this blog. All posts are screened before I publish them.