Sunday 8 January 2023

Birmingham Victorian and Edwardian people in photographs

 Our collection of Birmingham Victorian and Edwardian people in photographs

Although I buy primary named photographs and ephemera. I occasionally pick up unnamed photographs - just because they came from Birmingham or other areas local to where I was bought up. So I have decided to add these unnamed pictures to this blog post. Maybe someone will recognise him or her. Or just for general interest. Faces not lost in time but on display. 

This is the first gentleman of Birmingham.

Victorian gentleman from Birmingham England

T Pope photographer from Birmingham Victorian

A young man probably in his twenties or early thirties with generous whiskers that end in a short beard. With his Sunday, coat, tie and shirt. Displaying a watch chain. 

The photographer was T Pope of 86 New Street in Birmingham. T Pope was an artist and photographer. Haven't found much information yet on this photographer, but I wonder if he is related to Henry Martin Pope, Birmingham artist who married Phoebe Hands - one of my ancestors? 

Fuzzy haired Victorian lady Moseley Birmingham

Photograph by W Baker 110 Moseley Road Birmingham
Another unnamed photograph taken in Moseley, Birmingham during the Victorian times. It shows a young lady who has quite frizzy hair and is probably in her late teens. It was taken by W Baker of Highgate Studios 110 Moseley Road in Birmingham, England. Number 913A 
Victorian man brother look a like photograph

A Letale photographer Victorian Birmingham England
This portly gentleman photograph, I actually brought from eBay. He looked so like my late brother and as the photograph was taken in Birmingham. I think it may be an ancestor. Taken by A Letalle (from Paris) who too photographs from 58 and 59 New Street, Birmingham, England. Someone has added to the top, died 18 April 1880. Still working out who he may be!!

Just pop back soon for any updates added. 

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