Sunday 19 February 2023

Birmingham's unidentified photographs from the 1920s to today

 Birmingham/Manchester unidentified photographs from the 1930s and 1940s.

Wondering around the car boot and other second hand sales. I find many photographs that are do not have a name on the back or front and so remain unidentified. In this blog I will add the ones that I find with details of the photographer. Obviously if you know who they are - please contact me using the blog's form. There is an earlier blog dedicated to antique photos from the Victorian and Edwardian era - again taken in Birmingham, Manchester and other places in the UK.

Unidentified lady in photographs taken in the 1930s.

Both of these vintage photographs were brought at a car boot. They seem to have been taken at different times. But they look to be the same woman. The back of the top picture with the lady wearing a fur style coat is a post card. It has the date stamped across it as 17 January 1931. It is by Jerome who apparently had branches everywhere! The card wasn't posted. 
The lower photograph is showing this lady wearing an evening style dress with a crystal necklace. To me she looks a little older than the first one. She also has shorter more pin styled crimped hair. On the reverse it has Navana, Dale End, Birmingham and 8 Tib street, Manchester. There is also a number BE5644-3 Now this may just be the photographic studios identification number or the BE being this woman's initials and date taken of 5th June 1944, then 3rd picture in set???

I think the photographs were sold at a car boot sale near Manchester if that helps anyone? 

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