Monday 7 August 2023

Identifying my parents wedding photograph - Putting names to faces 1959

 Putting names to faces in my parents 1959 wedding photograph should be easy right?

No, wrong, Even with my one parent's help it has proven difficult. I wanted to have faces to add to my family tree on Ancestry. But some of the people who attended the wedding are not in any of the photographs and some are friends and neighbours that attended that unfortunately were on my dad's side and mom can not remember who they were. 

Here is the wedding photograph of all the guests 

Here is the guest list from the front of the album

Unfortunately not all the named people appear on the photograph and there are a few that are not on the guest list that just came to the church that are on the photographs.

section of 1959 wedding photograph,

From left to right: Morris's wife (dad's friend that lived in Shirley) With her 3 children below. Two girls and a boy. Top - Francis Michael Hart (1928 - 2007) with Mavis Bourne (1932 - 1962) beside him. In front of him is Mavis's mother Elsie Bourne nee Hayton (1896 - 1968) Below dressed in the pretty dresses are her grandchildren. Daughter's of her son Henry Mitchell Bourne, Harry (1916 - 1996) The lady just seen above the shoulder of Mavis Borne is Dorothy Rose Stokes (1930 - ?) who became Dorothy Horrocks after marrying briefly Raymond Horrocks (1921 - 1958) She went on to marry his best friend William Lee (1930 - ?) The pretty bridesmaid that doesn't look too happy was Margaret Miller nee Hart (1943 - 2018) She was 15 at the time. Just seen was Daniel Ward (1915 - 2004) at the top next to Mickey Tombs and his then girlfriend Barbara. The cheeky grinning boy in between is David Ward. The larger man was my grandfather Michael Arthur Hart (1898 - 1964) with the smaller bridesmaid in front who was Sheila Hunt (1954 - 2017) My grandmother Edith Hart nee Feege (1904 - 1989) is stood next to Michael A Hart. Behind them is Trevor Tombs and Edward Ward. To the side of Edith Hart is Maurice Tombs below him are Sheila Egan and Mrs Faulkner wife of Eric Faulkner. Both these ladies with their families emigrated to Australia in the 1960s. 

In this section of the main photograph is my father Brian Hart (1932 - 1995) Jennifer Hart nee Ward. Behind them is Dennis Horrocks my dad's best man. The lady in front of him we are not sure of but may be Florence Hands nee Inman (1889 - 1964) Next to Jennifer Hart is an unidentified man who can just be seen by her head. Then Cyril James Hunt (1922 - 2001) The lady holding the baby was Beatrice Tombs nee Ward (1910 - 1976) The baby is my cousin John Ward who became John James later in life. My grandmother Doris Ward nee Horrocks nee Hands (1901 - 1984) Behind her is possibly Ken garlic (dad's friend) and Percy Dearson who apparently allowed them to use his address so they could get married in the St Mary's church, Acocks Green Birmingham as they wanted. In front of them is Arthur Hart. Next to him is my beloved grandfather Joseph Richard Ward (1907 - 1990) In front of him is the other little bridesmaid Pauline Ward. Behind my grandfather was Scott William Dunkley ( 1897 - 1962) with his partner Ellen Ward (1912 - 1969) The older bridesmaid was Dorothy James nee Ward (1939 - 2008)

Onto the next but one section. Besides Dorothy James is Patricia Ruth Mary Hunt nee Hart (1926 - 2011) Below her is Elsie Ward nee Rayner  (1923 - recently) The 4 boys below who look to be enjoying themselves are Stephen, Michael and Andrew Patrick with Peter Hunt. Behind the boys are Mick Egan (dad's friend) Joyce Evelyn Patrick nee Horrocks (1928 - 2015) stands next to Mick Egan. Her husband Benjamin James Patrick (1920 - 1980) is next to his wife. 

Last section is showing Peggy Naomi Ward nee Oxley (1931 - 1997) with her oldest son Trevor Ward. Right at the end is Jimmy Ford (Dennis Horrocks best friend) 

On the guest list and missing are Dianne Powell who married George Tomlinson. Dianne was my mom's friend from work. Mrs F Chick, Dorothy Womble who married Ken garlic my dad's friend. Mrs P Hazlehurst was Janet and Pete who lived on Weatherfield Rd, Tysley, Birmingham. Neighbours of my mom. Also Joan Hands a cousin of my mom. 

I felt quite sad posting this photograph as many of my family have now died. But I remember many memories that I hope to preserve for my family and others. Looking at my own wedding photograph album, we have people on there that Neither of us recognise; and it hasn't been that many years..... Including the little girl my mother in law pushed forward to me as our photographs were being taken. Proclaiming she should have been a bridesmaid. I was annoyed to say the least. As I had to force my other half to have any bridesmaid's from his side of his family. He had initially said he didn't want anyone. He didn't know her but yet my endearing mother in law was jealous that I had more bridesmaids on my side than his!! 

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