Monday 28 August 2023

Past postcards from Sheldon Birmingham and Birmingham

 Collecting old postcards from areas around Sheldon and Birmingham central

Brought a few more postcards yesterday from the car boot. There is just a blank diversion on the back of each with no information on who printed them. I add them to my family history information. So that I can actually see the areas my ancestors lived in and worked. 

The post office Coventry road Sheldon Birmingham
A view of The Post Office, Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, England. I can remember visiting a gift shop that was housed in something similar along the Coventry Road in the 60s. It was just passed the park now opposite the Tesco building. 
The three Horseshoes Hotel, Sheldon, Birmingham.
Now long gone and replaced by the Aldi supermarket building. The Three Horseshoes Hotel, Sheldon. Yes I have been in this building in the late 1970s and 1980s. Found out also that one of my ancestor's family was the landlord at one point.  
The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Sheldon, Birmingham
The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Birmingham, Sheldon. Still standing today and although the building can still be recognised. The road outside has changed beyond recognition. 
The Town Hall, Birmingham, England
The Town Hall, Birmingham, England opposite the Council House in the city centre. The area is now pedestrianised but I can remember when the cars were still allowed to go around it. Been to a few concerts in this beautiful building.
The Lynch gate
Amongst the postcards was The Lynch Gate. I am assuming it is in Birmingham, but there are no other details on the postcard. It is not in Sheldon as the Lynch gate there does not have the plaque above.
The Lynch gate enlarged inscription
Here is an enlarged version but still unable to read it. 
St Giles Church interior, Sheldon, Birmingham
This postcard is of the St Giles Church interior in Sheldon, Birmingham. Another link to my family tree on the Johnson side.
St Giles Church, Sheldon, Birmingham, England
This is the outside of St Giles Church in Sheldon. Planning to go to the open day in September. So will be taking photographs to see how it has changed if at all.
Postcards are a valuable asset to researching family history. Not only showing you places, but you may be lucky and find one sent by an ancestor. 

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