Tuesday 1 November 2022

Does the look of ancestors pass down the family line? - Jewels Vintage Vibes

Does the look of ancestors pass down the family line?

 Yes, I am still collecting old photographs and documents that have found in car boots.

However, life gets in the way and a broken printer that also scans does slow me upon publishing more blog posts. 

So here is a photograph of a child taken in the late 1930s. It is of my dad. I can however see my 3-year-old grandson in his features. 

The eyes are the same and he has that cheeky look to my eyes. But not the home cut hair look. Though I look at some of my family photographs and they look nothing like the family I have today!!  So, are we not actually related? A lot of secretive liaisons took place that were not in the marital bed. But we now have DNA which does tell the truth.

From DNA, I have an idea that my husband's great great grandfather was a Taylor (name not profession) He married someone else though! Now looking to find out why! Don't you love researching your family tree, when it is not straight forward.

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