Friday 21 August 2020

1940s old tintype photo find

 1940s old tintype photo find in a car boot.

I love history and also hunting around car boots. In my other life I brought and sold vintage costume jewellery. Having stopped buying to sell I still enjoy our Sunday morning visits to the various car boots in the area. Recently I have found amongst the house clearance clutter photographs, newspaper cuttings and other ephemera that has someone's history just lying amongst the dust and bric a brac.  

I found an old tintype photo in a picture frame along with the enlarged photo copy of it. The copy wasn't the best. But I brought it as I had never come across this type of vintage photo and I was intrigued. Unfortunately there was no name on the pictures. 

The glass frame is fairly modern and so is the printed sheet. I imagined someone enlarging the photo for someone elderly as it was the only one they had of his/her mother or his wife. Sad that it ended up in a pile of house clearance stuff.

This small photo has many scratches and some peeling of the enamel on the edges of the metal. In it's time a cheap and cheerful way of capturing images. I believe this one was taken around the 1940s or 1950s, because of the ladies clothing and accessories. She has a fur trimmed hat, long dangling earrings and a fox fur stole. Also a fur brooch with gloves. Her clothes are a little too big for her. She has either lost weight or is wearing someone else's clothes. Borrowed for the occasion. She may be pregnant as the long jacket seems to be bunched up around her middle?

I have found many different photo albums in the car boot. As well as single photographs. A snapshot of lives gone by and not to be left in a car boot box. Maybe they had no descendants or their family was not interested in keeping them. For what ever reason I have been buying the odd album or stack of photographs over the years. So I will be adding them to this blog as I can. I also track them on Ancestry if named and add them there for anyone who is researching their family trees to access.    

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