Thursday 24 December 2020

Longbridge Parish Church newspaper clippings and photographs

 Longbridge Parish Church in newspaper clippings and photographs from the 1960s.

Last summer, I came across some newspaper clippings along with some photographs of the vicar and booklets in a local jumble sales. They were just loose in a box with other bric a brac. It looked like a the Northfield, Birmingham's church office clearance. So I collected as many bits as I could and paid just £1 for them. Here is the church findings. This is history - not only of the church but of the man who took over, is mentioned in the newspaper and shown in the photographs. The booklets I will blog about later as they are of a different church. 

Reverend John Oakes becomes the vicar of Longbridge, Birmingham, England on November 20th 1964.  
A group of clergy in a newspaper clipping, undated or named. But it looks like a very young John Oakes at possibly his ordination with other new clergy that were ordained at the same time.

Two newspaper clippings about the Reverend John Oakes being brought up in Birmingham.
A Christmas message from The reverend Canon and Mrs J S Leatherbarrow dated 1967, Martley Rectory, Worstershire.
Newspaper clipping 1965 of the Archdeacon of North Basutoland, The very reverend Fortescue Makhetha with Reverend John Oakes. 
Photograph of a church fete. Looks to be about the 1970s.
Contact newspaper June 1969
Longbridge Parish Church institution invitation. 1964.

Photographs found, I think of the reverend Oakes with his church attenders. This looks like the 1970s?  There was also the negatives amongst the church hoard, with many other prints not seen here. Also an older photograph from 1924. It does have the names on the back.

Two ladies from 1924.

Again about Reverend Oakes in a newspaper clip.

 Have a look at the newspaper clipping about Longbridge church and the reverend Oakes. I believe he is now retired but it just seemed a shame to throw his life's work into a jumble sale and eventually, if I had not picked them up. They would have been separated and probably consigned to the rubbish tip. 

Prayer at home booklet.
Back of the prayer booklet.
The Theolog 1955.

The old and new church etching. 
The negative sleeve with old money on the front.
Diocese  of Birmingham prayer booklet front. See the insides above.
The Olog booklet 1951
The Olog booklet Lent 1953.
The front of a photograph sleeve from Northfield - probably from a photograph shop now long gone. Sorry can not red the shop's name.
St Barnabas Balsall Heath, Birmingham's rebuilding and refurbishing after a fire in 1970s. Think the photograph sketches above may be the old church and newer smaller one. 

I have some leaflets of a Bedford church, but will show them at a later date. So have a happy Christmas and I hope next year gets a lot better,


  1. Thank you for this. John Oakes - my Dad - died just a few days ago, aged 93. His funeral will be at St John's Longbridge.

    1. Dear Peter
      I am so sorry to only now find out about your dear father's passing. He married me and my (now ex unfortunately) husband in 1993. I was a member of his congregation and recorder group for many years, as was my mother and grandmother.
      I have extremely fond memories of his teaching and am gutted I have presumably missed being able to say goodbye. Sending you much love at this sad time. Amanda

  2. John Oakes, my father, died a few days ago. His funeral is at St John's.

  3. The Newspaper clipping showing the Bishop with five clergymen was taken at St John's Longbridge in about 1968} after the Ordination of the Revd Jim Potter (on immediate left of the Bishop) to the Priesthood. The other four men were Ordained as Deacons. Jim Potter became Curate to the Revd John Oakes who was already Ordained and Vicar at St Johns Longbridge. I was a Choir boy and Server at St John's at the time and still remember the occasion well. John Oakes on his retirement was made a Canon of Birmingham Cathedral and sadly Passed away on 3rd December 2021 aged 93. He was a much loved and highly respected Priest not only by his Parishioners in Longbridge but by all who knew him.

  4. So sorry to hear of John Oakes passing. I have some negatives that I will change into photographs soon and add to this page. Regards Sue


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