Tuesday 1 September 2020

Town vintage wedding photograph

 A town vintage wedding photograph. Who and where are you?

This lone wedding photograph was tucked into another album that I brought from a local car boot. As it was from a dealer who seemed to specialise in house clearances and auction stuff. I am not sure it was with the original album, as I can not find the couple in any other photograph. It looks to be from early to mid twentieth century as the dress and man's attire are quite timeless and can span many a decade. However they may be related to the Taylor or Gossage families of Birmingham.

 It looks as though the church is in a town centre or along a high street. In the background is a shop or building belonging to C H Knight. I have researched the name and have been unable to find a business of that name. But if you know which town or city, please let us know. 

The bride's dress is long and flowing as she emerges from her bridal car on the way to be married. It has a mid calf net veil. She has a floral head dress and her shorter hair is curled. Her large bouquet has dark flowers probably roses and ferns. Her father or who ever is giving her away has turned up trousers a fashion of the 40s and 50s. A silk cravat tie and turned up collars on his shirt. With a white button hole to contrast against his dark suit. 
Unfortunately there is no photographer's name on the front or back. Nor any names on the reverse. 
Soon I will be showing the wedding album this was tucked into. As well as some of the photographs found in the album that went with it.

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  1. Hi Sue, There is an entry in THE LONDON GAZETTE, 4th SEPTEMBER 1970 for CH Knight Limited; registered office in Royton nr Oldham Lancashire.


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