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War Memorial in St James Church - Handsworth Birmingham

I have never visited St James' Church in Handsworth, Birmingham part of the West Midlands. But have an old postcard with the marble war memorial on. It is thus that I am going to list the names on this memorial - well most, just a couple are obscure and I can not read them. For those who have not read this blog before. I am compiling names on memorials around the West Midlands, Warwickshire and where ever I visit to help those that are researching their family history and general local interest.

There are five panels of names from men that have some association with the local Handsworth parish. in alphabetical order until the last panel, which has a few later names added.

1914 - 1919 To the glory of God and in grateful memory of:

Abbott E G
Akers H
Alderidge _
Bar____ T
Bam____ S E
Barrell C W
Barnes A F
Barnes W
Barnett W
Bashforth J W
Bassnett C H
Bates E
Beckingham G
Beesley F C L
Bethell P
Billingham A
Bogle F
Bonell S A W
Boyd C F
Boyd W
Brindley J W
Brown J
Butler T A
Caroll A
Clarke J T
Clarke T
Clarke W G E
Cliff C F
Coare F
Cooper P
Coverdale F W
Cox A E
Crook A
Darby G A
Dent W
Doran P

Dorrington H
Dunkley W G G
Dunn J
Dunn W H
Earp F
Emery H
Evans A J
Evans C
Evans E
Evans H J
Findon F L
Findon R
Fleck B
Fletcher J H
Fletcher T L
Fletcher W J
Garbett A T
Garner E C
Green J F
Grigg W N
Grove W E
Haines G F
Hands G
Hanson W J
Hardiker J
Harris C R
Harris J E
Harris O R
Hartland F H
Hawkins H J
Hayes E
Hayword G
Herridge W G
Hibbert W
Hickman F
Hickman L
Hill B

Humphreys C F
Hunt F
Ingram W T W
James H E
James J
Johnson J
Johnson W
Johnson W A
Jones E
Jones A H
Jones W
Jones Wm
Kenderick F H
Key W L
Kitz H W
Knight J W
Knowles L V S
Lake E H
Lambourne H
Leech J T
Liggitt C A
Loveridge H
Lyons W D
McPike W
Mann H J
Mason A V
Mason J
Mathews C P
Millership H O
Mitchell S J
Mold A E
Mould W
Muggleston E
Muggleston E
Muggleston W
Nevittt B J
Nicholls E H L

Oddy J E
Owne H P
Parsons H
Parsons W
Payton F E
Pearson C T
Pearson M M
Pickersgill S T
Pike W H
Pinchin W H
Pitt A J
Poole J R
Powers G W
Price L
Prince T D
Pye J H
Randle J G
Redfern E
Reynolds T W
Rottason H
Rollings J A
Round J E
Rowe H
Rudman W
Scriven T
Shelley J
Sheppard C E
Shrimpton G
Silvester G F
Smith A
Smith W G
Stait F
Stallard F J
Stevens A J
Stevens D
Stevens G
Stevens J

Stretton C H
Stuffing R
Summers A M
Surr O S
Taylor L B
Thomas G
Tomlinson A
Trundle A
Tucker E S
Tucker S H
Tucker W B
Turner A
Turley H
Turvey A
Turvey H
Underhill E H
Vale C W
Vinall H E
Walton A
Ward F
West G C
Weston J T S
Detheridge A C
Whetstone J A
Widdows J
Widdows W
Willetts CH
Willetts G J
Wilmot F E H G
Wright H
Wyer J G
Edmondson J S
Bates A
Albutt F
Shaw M S
Williams F T P

Who gave their lives in the Great War. Death is swallowed up in victory.

Well my quick research of some of the names started poorly. Hands G - I chose because this is one of the names in my family tree but the hands were prolific in Birmingham and could not find a likely candidate linked to Handsworth.

So I then tried for the Johnson part of my tree. with 3 names on this war memorial I thought I might have a little luck in tracking who they may be. But it was not to be.
Johnson J - 81 are recorded in the CWGC for the World War One commemorated in the UK and 546 worldwide!! So a bit like hunting a needle in a haystack. With Johnson W there were a mere 469 commemorations world wide. So unfortunately without any further information it was impossible to trace who these brave men were.

Lambourne H was a lot easier and the information was at hand. He was a gunner and died on the 6/12/1917 aged just 28 born on the 18/4/1889. Howard was in the Royal Garrison Artillery and left behind his wife Gertrude Lambourne (nee Hill) of 51, Westbourne Rd, Handsworth. They had married in 1911. He was the son of Frederick and Jane Lambourne (nee Brown) of 23 Grafton Rd, Handsworth. He is buried and commemorated in Achiet-le-Grand, France. Heart breaking he only enlisted in May 1917 and died 7 months later.

Ward F brought up 156 results - the Wards side of my tree were not in Birmingham for WW1 but I always photograph any graves that I find in my search. No luck I am afraid - again too little information.
If you have any memories of the men that are commemorated at St James Handsworth I would love to add it here.

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