Saturday 2 April 2022

Early photographs of Solihull Football teams - West Midlands history

 Early photographs of two football teams in Solihull

Showing the two photographs of early West Midlands history from Solihull. I brought these two many years ago from that popular auction website. One has the Solihull FC on, the other has not. But the seller indicated that they were both Solihull football teams. 

Solihull football team 1917 - 1918
Solihull football team 1917 - 1918. Love the oversized caps on these gentlemen. Can you recognise anyone? Some of the men are wearing the World war One wound badge. 
Solihull football team unknown date

Solihull football team unknown date - but probably a bit earlier than the picture above. No one is wearing a wound badge so possibly pre war. I wonder how many of these men survived? Do you recognise anyone. The shirts are the same as the Solihull one above - so possibly same team. Would say the man seated on the right was a vicar. Does anyone recognise him? This photograph is still in the original frame. 
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