Tuesday 20 December 2016

Our family history is just amazing!

Yes, our family history is just amazing. Having started on tracing my family's history and that of my husband about 8 year ago. Because I was confined to bed and very bored with severe vertigo, But I could sit upright and found that if I  only moved my head or eyes very slowly. I could use my laptop computer to access the few family history websites and do other searches. Not one to sit idle, I soon got hooked.

Now years later I have discovered (and continue to discover) that my relatives and my husbands would have known each other in the Victorian era of Birmingham. What is amazing is that my branch came from Germany/Poland, Ireland, Scotland, Stafford, Shropshire and Kenilworth. His came from Coventry, Shropshire, Ireland, Wales and Birmingham. But they appeared to be living in the late 1890s in the same area and even on the same street.

We have between us: Shoe makers, blacksmiths, Peaky Blinders, bellow makers, tailors, charwomen, sawyers, laborers, brick layers, factory workers, gunsmiths, jewelers, and many more.

We were working class - just like most today. You have to have some sort of work to survive. There is really no upper class anymore, as they have to have some sort of work nowadays to make a living. Even the Royal Family works....

Those that live of the state - well that has always happened to those that are old, ill or infirm-ed. The Parish Relief was available. So was the workhouses. Nowadays we have benefits and charities that help those that find themselves out of work and unable to hold down employment.

RAF badge that belonged to my father.

I do not think that times have changed really... We are just the same as our ancestors. Trying to get bye. But it does make your life richer and more interesting to know a bit about your own history. This should be taught in schools instead of the stuff that we were subjected to...   

Print from Henry Martin Pope (Victorian artist) who married a Hands - one of my ancestors.

So for this Christmas we are both getting our DNA checked out - instead of presents that we normally give each other - so watch this space....

Have a Happy Christmas and New Year. Will blog again soon :)      

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