Sunday 10 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday 2013

This Remembrance Sunday 2013 has started with a bright clear crisp day and so I would like to remember those who fought and some who died in the two World wars in mine and my husband's family.

Michael Arthur Hart 1898 - 1964 - my grandfather.


Grandad Hart enlisted in the Royal Warwick Regiment when he was just 15 in 1914. Whilst serving at Ypres he was injured in the knee by shrapnel and limped for the rest of his life. The names on the card are of the other two men in the picture. Michael Hart is seated with no hat on and lived in Small Heath, Birmingham. 

On this day I would also like to remember :- 

Thomas Patrick Cusack 1911 - 1940 who died at Dunkirk. (Small Heath, Birmingham)
Joseph Davies 1889 - 1915 who died in Belgium (Shrewsbury)
Henry Docker 1887 - 1915 in the Royal Warwick Regiment and died in France.
Lawrence Docker 1892 - 1920 Died from the effect of gas poisoning from WW1.
Harry Hands 1894 - 1939 who never recovered from the shell shock of WW1.
Joseph Hands 1888 - 1956 Labor Corps 
Charles Frederick Horrocks 1894 - 1933 Worcester Regiment 
Frederick Charles Horrocks 1897 - 1916 Died on the 1st July 1916 at the Somme. 
Raymond Frederick Horrocks 1921 - 1958 Served in the Air Fleet in WW2. Left with damaged lungs.
Sidney Horrocks 1895 -? Served in the Royal Warwick Regiment in WW1.
Henry Lightfoot 1873 - 1936 (First Peaky Blinder named in court) Served in the Royal Warwick Regiment. 
George Edward Shaw 1881 - 1918 Staffordshire Regiment Lance Corporal died in France.
William Ernest Ward 1900 -? Joined at 16 but found out and discharged. re-joined when of age and served in the West Riding Regiment. Injured wounds to left leg. 
Zephaniah Ward 1821 - 1905 Served for most of his life in the 2nd Life Guards, London. Died a pauper in a Poor House. 

Also the rest of the men who served this country in the many conflicts that have occurred. 

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