Monday 18 September 2023

Black Country Antique photographs - Can you identify them?

 Three old antique photographs from Walsall & Dudley in England.

Last week I picked up 3 antique photographs from a car boot. Interesting groups of people. A wedding, working men and , Can you identify any of the people, places or events? 

Edwardian wedding party from Walsall

Chidley photographers Leicester Square Walsall
This one above was taken by Chidley photographers based in Leicester Square, Walsall, England. The clothing looks to be from the Edwardian period and this photographer's Thomas Chidley was in the 1912 and 1928 Kelly's directories - however at two different addresses in Lichfield Street and not this one on the back of the photograph.
The photograph seems to show a wedding party with family surrounding. The couple look older and so this may be a second marriage. There are few men with only two others present along with the groom, then 9 women and 2 children plus a dog. This may indicate the marriage took place during the war years of WW1. Although the day looks to be dry, the weather did not look very warm. Who were they and what is the date.

Photograph of R Wilkes Cross glass works employees

R wilkes dudley glass works employers

Although faded this photographs shows the work force of Richard Wilkes glass manufacturer, based in 1912 at 27 Cambell Street, Dudley, England. The men all wore overalls and the picture includes 2 young boys seated at the front. Difficult to date accurately this photograph. A few of the men are wearing a bowler or derby hat with the rest wearing flat peak caps including the two young boys. A rare photograph of a firm in Dudley that made glass wear. 

A wealthy family photograph outside a large house 

wealthy family outside large house

There is no indication on where this picture was taken. But as I brought it from the same dealer at a car boot. I have added it to the Black Country blog. It is an unusual one as it is hard to decide what the occasion is? The very young girl in the front has her hand on a ribbon surrounding a floral display and two candle sticks. There is a floral basket on the table with a long ribbon sash and another floral display on the floor. There are 2 girls wearing a similar checked dress. So probably sisters. Has the young girl won a floral display competition? No idea who they are or where they are.  

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